Local Offer


Clutton Playgroup

The Cabin,

Station Approach

Off Station Road,

Clutton, Bristol,

BS39 5PF

OFSTED unique reference number 133095

We provide sessional care for children aged 2 to 5 years and are committed to providing an inclusive and supportive setting for all children and their parents or carers, whatever their needs may be. Our Special Needs Coordinator is Sally Barter is assisted by all other members of staff as we feel that the whole team should be involved if a child is to be enabled to take a full part in all our activities. All our members of staff are well trained and experienced, we all have current first aid certificates. Because we are trained in child development we would notice if a child was not meeting age-related milestones and would start to build up a record of evidence to share, firstly, with the child’s family and then, with the families permission, other child care professionals. We would work with other settings that a child attends to build up a complete picture of that child’s needs and interests. Each child has a key person who gets to know the family and is always available to listen and share knowledge. We are all aware that Parents are children’s first, and main educators and we would work closely with Parents and other child care professionals to prepare an individual plan for the child’s learning and development.  Each child has a learning diary which is a record of their time at the cabin. This is available to Parents and Carers at each session. We hope this diary will be a two-way communication between our setting and the family. We are able to access specialised training and make changes to the layout of our setting if this is needed to allow full access to any child. We have ramp access to all areas. We have good links with the local infant schools and would make every effort to ensure a smooth transition to school. Visit our web site cluttonplaygroup.org or find us on Facebook at cluttonplaygroup.atthecabin

Frequently asked questions: –

Who is the best person at Clutton Playgroup to talk to about my child’s development?

The Managers and SENDco are responsible for the day to day management of all aspects of the playgroup, this includes the support for children with SEN and/or disabilities. They are responsible for ensuring that your child’s needs are met.

They are also responsible for coordinating all the support for children with special educational needs (SEN) and or disabilities, and developing the playgroup’s SEND Policy to make sure all children get a consistent, high quality response to meeting their needs.

They must also make sure that the Playgroup Management Committee is kept up to date about any issues in the playgroup relating to SEND and ensure that parents are:

  • involved in supporting their child’s learning
  • kept informed about the support their child is getting
  • involved in reviewing how their child is doing
  • part of planning ahead for them.

The Managers liaise with all the other people who may be coming into Playgroup to help support your child’s learning e.g. Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapists, Educational Psychology etc. and organise training for staff so they are aware and confident about how to meet the needs of your child and others within our setting.

How can I talk to them about my child if I need to?

You can contact a Manager and/or SENCO by telephoning or visiting the Cabin to arrange an appointment, or just drop in.

How does Clutton Playgroup know if children need extra help?

We know when children need help if:

  • concerns are raised by parents/carers  or the child’s previous pre-school setting
  • the child’s progress and/or attainment is significantly below age related expectations
  • there is a significant or prolonged change in the child’s behaviour
  • a child asks for help

What happens if my child does need extra help?

A manager, your child’s key person or sometimes the SENCO will always explain to you what the concerns are and also explain to you what the plans for your child include. If outside agencies are used, we always ask your permission before making a referral. If you have any queries related to the interventions or support that your child receives, please contact a manager, your child’s key person or the SENDco.If a specialist professional works with your child, there may be recommendations that are made, which may include:


  • Regular reviews of a child’s progress are discussed at Support Plan (SP) meetings. The first part of this meeting is to look at the provision for the child and make decisions about the progress that the child is making. The second part is to make new plans and adjust the provision as necessary.
  • making changes to the way your child is supported
  • support to set targets which will include their specific professional expertise
  • your child’s involvement in a group run by playgroup staff under the guidance of the outside professional e.g. a social skills group or speech and language group
  • a group or individual work with outside professional

How will Clutton Playgroup support my child’s transition to school and from other early year’s settings?

We work closely with the local schools to ensure a smooth transition. There is a procedure in place for children who may need extra support at this time.

How accessible is the playgroup environment?

We have ramps at each entrance and a level play area.

How can I be involved in discussions about and planning for my child?

All parents are encouraged to contribute to their child’s education. This happens through:

  • discussions with the managers or your child’s key person – either formally at support plan meetings, or informally, for example at the end of the sessions. These discussions are really important – not least so that we know about your child in the home setting, and we can tell you about what we are doing at playgroup and how your child is doing. This helps to make sure that we can share what is working well at home and at playgroup.
  • discussions with other professionals e.g. the SENCO, Speech & Language Therapist, Educational Psychologist. Information from outside professionals is shared with you (either verbally or within written reports or both).

What training opportunities are there for staff supporting children with SEND?

The Management committee and Managers would make every effort to access relevant training for all staff.

What specialist services can the playgroup access?

Parent partnership                   Autism Outreach                    Counselling services       Educational Psychologists      Paediatricians and GPs         Social Care teams

Play or art therapists                Child Protection Officers     Sensory Support Services   Physiotherapy                          Ethnic Minority and Traveller Achievement Service

Ups and Downs – Downs syndrome support

Speech and Language Inclusion Partnership          Children Missing Education Officers

Occupational Therapists     Parent-partnership     Service CAMHS       School Nursing Team

We have access to a very wide range of specialist services as follows: –

We would make every effort to access the relevant specialist service.