The Playgroup

About Us

Clutton playgroup is a pre-school learning alliance registered playgroup. Children are encouraged to learn through play in a homely environment where good communication, co-operation, consideration and creativity are promoted and where appropriate play facilities are offered. Training courses keep us up to date and interested parents are welcome to attend these.

Parental involvement: Not only is your child a part of playgroup – so are you! To encourage understanding and enjoyment, Clutton Playgroup seeks to promote parental involvement at all levels.

All parents or carers are asked to help out one or two mornings per term on a rota basis. There are no skills required that you do not already have in abundance and it is a good chance to see your child playing and co-operating with others.

Community Group: We are a community group which aims to offer opportunities for all children regardless of race, culture, religion, disability or means.

Registered Charity: As a registered charity (Charity no. 1025259) run by voluntary committee, all our profits are re-invested into the Playgroup to the benefit of the children. A range of equipment of a very high standard is provided and this is continually upgraded and expanded.