Clutton Playgroup is a registered charity and is run by a voluntary committee. The committee members are mainly local and most have children who attend the Playgroup. The committee members are elected each year. A full list of committee members is detailed below.

Budget and Finance: The committee acts in a governing role and employs the play leaders and helpers. It has control of the Playgroups finances and is responsible for setting budgets and authorising spending on equipment and training.

The Children’s Best Interest at Heart: the committee is responsible for upholding the constitution and policies of Clutton Playgroup and ensuring that the playgroup is run with the children’s best interests at heart.

Communications: Good communication with parents is very important and a large amount of information is available on the notice board. Copies of all the policies are included in this web site and are displayed, together with information on future events and meetings. The complaints procedure is also displayed on the notice board.

Fundraising:Another role of the committee is to organise fund-raising events to help cover the running costs of the playgroup and keep fees to a minimum. The committee holds various fundraising events during the year including a Christmas Craft Fair, soup lunches and a strawberry tea with the playgroup’s art exhibition in the summer.

The current committee members are as follows:

Chair Steph Wills
Vice Chair Alice Gange
Treasurer Nicola Burchill
Secretary Claire Bush
Data Protection  
Child Protection Alison Hayward
Equal Opportunities Fiona Mills
 Health and Safety Leah Gregory
Media Nealy Davies
Other members Nikki Pope, Richard McGough,

Kayleigh Frampton, Beth Pow

Donna Fooks -Bale, Jess Lester,

Mandy Pratten.